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About Germany

It is known that university education in Germany occupies a prominent position that distinguishes it from many countries of the world and includes all kinds of disciplines, some of which are taught in English, and the idea of ​​studying in Germany in general guarantees that you as a student obtain a high level of education and the strength of the German economy and the level of higher education in Germany makes you Wanted everywhere after graduation.Germany has also adopted the Bologna system in recent years so that its universities match courses in the rest of European countries, and students are now studying for a bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree.Your search for free scholarships in Germany to take the study step makes sense if you do so; In 2014, Germany eliminated tuition fees for both domestic and international university students in all German universities, and the decision was implemented in 14 German states.

Features of studying in Germany
  • The availability of many universities and the quality of higher education

  • It contains all kinds of specialties

  • The opportunity to study for free

  • Study some sections in English

  • Germany follows the classroom system

  • International education program

  • The ability to work while studying

  • High quality of life

  • It has beautiful landscapes

  • German people are easy to integrate with them

Entry and Admission Requirements
  • Passport

  • Marksheets and Certificates of Graduation

  • Letters of Recommendation (LOR)

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)

  • Scores on the German/English Proficiency Test

  • Scorecards for Entrance Exams

  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume

  • Proof of Financial Resources

  • Student Visa

 Visa Requirements:
  • Admission Letter

  • Language Proficiency Scorecard

  • Health Insurance Coverage Certificate

  • Financial Stability Proof

The best universities in Germany

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