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Databases: Advanced Topics in SQL

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2 weeks

About the Course :

This course is one of five self-paced courses on the topic of Databases, originating as one of Stanford's three inaugural massive open online courses released in the fall of 2011. The original "Databases" courses are now all available on

This course is broad and practical, covering indexes, transactions, constraints, triggers, views, and authorization, all in the context of relational database systems and the SQL language. This course builds on concepts introduced in Databases: Relational Databases and SQL and is recommended for learners seeking to advance their understanding and use of relational databases.

  • The Indexes and Transactions section of this course covers two important features of database systems from the application-builder's perspective: indexing for increased performance, and transactions for concurrency control and failure recovery.

  • The Constraints and Triggers section of this course explains key, referential integrity, and "check" constraints, followed by comprehensive coverage of database triggers.

  • The Views and Authorization section of this course provides extensive coverage of how database views can be created, used, and updated, and introduces standard techniques for authorization in relational databases.

Your Instructor :

Jennifer Widom

Jennifer Widom

Dean, School of Engineering at Stanford University

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