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DKFZ International PhD Program




Heidelberg, Germany

Job Type

Full time



About us :

The DKFZ is Germany’s largest biomedical research institute and has an international and dynamic work environment, providing students with access to state-of-the-art research facilities and exceptional resources. More than 500 PhD students in over 100 divisions and research groups carry out research to unravel the causes and mechanisms of cancer development and to identify novel tools for diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Job Description :

PhD students are supervised by group leaders and department heads of the DKFZ. A Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) – personal to each student – provides further support during the whole duration of the PhD. It consists of the supervisor and at least two other senior scientists, one of whom is external to the DKFZ. TAC meetings take place once a year to provide students with feedback on research already conducted and to give advice and suggestions for future projects. The students prepare a short written report and give a presentation of their work.

Eligibility Criteria :

Admission Requirements

  • University Degrees

  • Proof of English Language Skills

  • Letters of Recommendation

How to apply

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