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Joint Scholarship Program by Türkiye Scholarships and lsDB for 2024-2025

Joint Scholarship Program by Türkiye Scholarships and lsDB for 2024-2025







Fully Funded

Some countries

BSc, MSc & Ph.D

May 16, 2024

More details :

Türkiye Scholarships and lsDB have launched a joint scholarship program for the academic year 2024-2025. This program is a part of their commitment to human capital development and is competitive and merit-based.

Eligibility :

The scholarships are open to students from lsDB member countries who are applying for ssociate degree, Undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD degrees in Science and Technology subjects. For associate degree and bachelor degree students, the scholarship is an interest-free loan (Qard-Hasan) to the students and a grant to the LDMCs to which they belong.

Required documents :

While the specific documents required for application aren't detailed in the announcement, applicants are advised to refer to the application portal for comprehensive information.

General documents required for scholarship applications include:

  1. Application Form: A standardized form provided by the scholarship program, to be completed online with personal and academic details.

  2. Proof of Identity: Such as a passport or national identification card.

  3. Educational Transcripts: Official records of academic performance, including grades and courses completed.

  4. Letters of Recommendation: References from teachers, professors, or employers endorsing the applicant's abilities and character.

  5. Statement of Purpose or Personal Statement: A written essay outlining the applicant's academic and career goals, as well as reasons for applying for the scholarship.

  6. Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume: A summary of the applicant's education, work experience, skills, and achievements.

  7. Language Proficiency Test Scores: If applicable, proof of proficiency in the language of instruction (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS).

  8. Research Proposal: For applicants pursuing research-based degrees, a detailed plan outlining their proposed research topic and methodology.

  9. Any Additional Requirements: Specific to the scholarship program, there may be additional documents or criteria outlined in the application guidelines.

It's important for applicants to carefully review the scholarship's requirements and provide all necessary documents to ensure their application is complete.

How to apply :

Applications can be submitted in 8 languages; Turkish, Arabic, English, French, Russian, Bosnian, Persian, and Spanish. Applications should be submitted via the Türkiye Scholarships website.

The Scholarship Benefits:

Successful candidates will enjoy university admission and a full scholarship. Following graduation and employment, recipients (associate degree and bachelor degree students) are required to repay the loan to the lsDB Education Trust (IET) in manageable installments, established or to be established in their respective countries. This presents an outstanding opportunity to pursue a high-quality education at esteemed Turkish universities. Don't miss out, apply now! 🎓

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