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KMU University Scholarships

KMU University Scholarships










Oct 13, 2023

More details :

The KMU University Scholarships 2023-24 in Taiwan are a great opportunity for international students who want to pursue their Masters or PhD degrees at Kaohsiung Medical University. The scholarships are fully funded, meaning that they cover all the expenses related to the study, such as tuition, accommodation, insurance, travel, and personal needs. The scholarships are offered by different sources, such as the Taiwan government, the KMU itself, and other organizations. The scholarships are available for various fields and majors, especially in medicine, pharmacy, and health sciences.

Eligibility :
  • You must have a foreign citizenship and a valid passport.

  • You must have a Bachelor's or Master's degree (or equivalent) in a relevant field of study.

  • You must have a good academic record and a strong motivation for your research topic.

  • You must have a good command of English and/or Chinese language.

  • You must meet the specific criteria and conditions of the scholarship you are applying for.

Required documents :

You need to submit the the documents include:

•  Passport size photograph

•  Photocopy of a valid passport or certificate of nationality

•  The highest-level diploma

•  Official transcripts

•  Financial statement

•  A study plan in Chinese or English

•  Proof of language proficiency

•  You need to meet the eligibility criteria and the specific conditions of the scholarship you are applying for

How to apply :

•  You need to fill out the online application forms, including the KMU scholarship application form, on the KMU Admissions website before the deadline of 13 October 2023.

The Scholarship Benefits:

Applicants  who are interested in KMU International Student Scholarship should  apply while simultaneously fulfilling the online application form. Every  type of stipend includes different allowance as below:

  • Type A: NTD 200,000~260,000 per year (monthly stipend, accommodation coverage and tuition fee are included)

  • Type B: NTD 80,000~140,000 per year (accommodation coverage and tuition fee are included)

  • Type C: NTD 70,000~80,000 per year (tuition fee)

Undergraduate students can only apply for Type C, Master’s students can  apply for Type B and Type C, Ph.D. students can apply for all types of  the scholarship. Failure to follow the instructions above may affect the  result of application.

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