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Master Studies for All Academic Disciplines

Master Studies for All Academic Disciplines







Fully Funded



Aug 31, 2023

More details :

This scholarship programme offers you the opportunity to continue your academic education in Germany with a postgraduate course of study. The scholarships are funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Eligibility :

Requirements for DAAD Scholarship Application:

1. University Degree Limit: The applicant's university degree should not be older than 6 years from the application deadline.


2. Admission to German University: Applicants are responsible for submitting their application for admission to the German university for their chosen study program by the specified due date. Admission notification must be received before the funding period begins, and the DAAD Scholarship Award Letter is only valid if admitted to the host university mentioned in the application.

3. Period Abroad Funding: If the degree program includes a study or work placement outside Germany, it may be funded if it is essential for the scholarship objective, takes place outside the applicant's home country, and does not exceed a quarter of the scholarship period.

4. Residency Restriction: Applicants cannot apply if they have been residing in Germany for more than 15 months at the application deadline.

5. Language Proficiency: Proof of proficiency in the language of instruction (German, English, or both) in the chosen study program is required. Specific language certificates are eligible, depending on the language of instruction.

6. Language Requirements Vary: The required language level depends on the applicant's study plans and subject. Good knowledge of German is generally expected for arts, social sciences, and law, while good English language skills may be accepted for natural sciences and engineering if English is the language spoken at the host institute.

It is essential for applicants to review the detailed requirements and instructions provided in the application guidelines to ensure they meet all necessary criteria for the DAAD scholarship.

Required documents :

Documents to be uploaded  in German or English to the DAAD portal

  • Online application form

  • Full curriculum vitae in tabular form (max. 3 pages)

  • letter of motivation; 1 - 3 pages

  • Letter of admission to the study programme at the host university in Germany. If you have not yet received notification of admission at the time of application, you must submit this before the funding period begins.

  • Transcript of records

  • University degree certificate

  • Proof of knowledge of language

  • Passport

  • One recent reference from a university teacher which provides information about your qualifications (hand-signed, no digital or scanned signature). This should be submitted by a post to address: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Kennedyallee 50, 53175 Bonn, Germany.

How to apply :

Application Procedure for DAAD Scholarship:

1. Application Deadlines: The application deadlines are updated annually, usually in the second quarter. The current dates are specified as follows:

   - Application Deadline: August 31, 2023

   - Selection Date: January 2024

   - Start of Funding: October 2024

2. Application Documents: Applicants must upload the following documents to the DAAD portal:

   - Online application form

   - Curriculum vitae (max. 3 pages)

   - Letter of motivation (1-3 pages) explaining academic and personal reasons for the study project in Germany

   - Letter of admission to the chosen study program at the German university

   - Completed form for preferred Master's programs (if applicable)

   - Proof of recognition of credits acquired in Germany for second/Master's degree abroad (if applicable)

   - Transcript of records with individual grades

   - University degree certificate with final grade(s)

   - Proof of language proficiency in the language(s) of instruction (German or English)

   - Other relevant documents (e.g., certificates of employment, extracurricular engagement)

   - German or English translations of documents in the national language (if applicable)

   - School leaving certificate with individual grades

   - Proof of a passed University entrance qualification

   - Valid identification document (passport, ID card, etc.)

3. Submission of Documents: Some documents may be scanned and uploaded to the DAAD portal, while others need to be submitted by post. References from a university teacher should be hand-signed and sent by post to the specified address in Bonn, Germany.

4. Application Location: The application procedure is conducted online through the DAAD portal. The access to the portal is available only during the application period.

5. Important Notes:

   - Ensure all required documents are submitted on time.

   - Postmark date serves as proof of timely submission for references sent by post.

   - The DAAD portal closes at 24.00 hrs. (CET or CEST) on the last application day.

   - Incomplete applications will not be considered.

   - Personal data is saved by the DAAD in accordance with data protection regulations for application processing.

Applicants must carefully follow the application guidelines and ensure they provide all necessary documents to be considered for the DAAD scholarship.

The Scholarship Benefits:

- DAAD scholarship funds postgraduate or Master's degree programs in Germany (10-24 months) or one year of study in Germany as part of a second/Master's degree at the home university.

- Monthly payment of 934 euros, insurance coverage, and travel allowance are provided.

- Study allowance and language skill benefits, such as language course fees and test reimbursements, are included.

- Additional benefits like rent subsidy and family allowances are available.

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