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MEXT Scholarship

MEXT Scholarship







Fully Funded



May 25, 2024

More details :

There are two ways to apply for a Japanese Government Scholarship: by applying to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) with a recommendation from a Japanese embassy or other Japanese diplomatic mission in your country, or by applying to the MEXT with a recommendation from a Japanese university.

The method of receiving a recommendation from an embassy or consulate abroad is called an "embassy recommendation," while the method of receiving a recommendation from a university and applying for a position is called a "university recommendation."

The contents differ slightly depending on whether you apply through the "embassy recommendation" or the "university recommendation," so the information is divided into two categories depending on the application method.

Please note that in order to receive a Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho MEXT) scholarship, you must obtain the Student status of residence.

Eligibility :
  • The type and field of application may vary from country to country. Please check with the Japanese embassy or other Japanese diplomatic mission in your country to see if there are any openings in the type and field you wish to apply for.

  • In addition, all required documents and interviews will be conducted by the Japanese embassy or other diplomatic mission abroad in your country.

  • For example, Yemeni students can find the details here 

Required documents :

 Passport Copy

 Certificate/degree certificate of all  universities attended

Copy of your high school certificate or equivalent

Check List

Applicant Information Sheet

Application Form
Application Guidelines
Placement Preference Application Form for FY2023  (Research)
Certificate of Health
Field of Study and Research Plan (Research)
Recommendation Form (Research)

How to apply :
  • Check if you have a nationality that is eligible for the scholarship from here.

  • Visit the Japanese Embassy in your country to learn more about the requirements for the scholarship.

  • Carefully read the scholarship guidelines.

  • Submit all required documents via email to the cultural section of the Embassy of Japan in your country before the specified deadline.

  • Use the email address specified for your country, as applications sent to other embassy email addresses will not be considered.

  • Ensure that all required documents are sent in a single email, with a total file size of less than 10 MB.

  • Note that incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

The Scholarship Benefits:
  • The scholarship provides a monthly allowance of 143,000 to 145,000 yen depending on the course enrolled in. 

  • Education Fees

  • Traveling Expenses

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