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PhD studentships - The Medical University of Vienna


The Medical University of Vienna


Spitalgasse 23, Vienna, Austria

Job Type

Full time



About us :

The Medical University of Vienna is offering 24 fully founded PhD studentships with flexible start time in spring 2023. We encourage ambitious and creative young scientists, who are interested in research in the areas of human-centered technologies and sciences, with an M.Sc. or equivalent degree in (Bio) Engineering, (Bio)Informatics, Cell/Molecular/RNA Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Neurology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Translational Medicine or a related field to develop their original research project with the support of our renowned and international scientist.

Our university is a leader in transnational medical science and has an excellent infrastructure that invites you to conduct research and network with your peers. Last but not least, our university is home to a dynamic international research community that is constantly growing and is well networked both nationally and internationally. The campus is located in the heart of Vienna, which has been one of the top 3 most liveable cities in the world for years. Furthermore, Austria as a research location offers young scientists many job opportunities even after graduation.

Job Description :

Doctoral study takes at least six semesters and comprises 180 ECTS. All courses comprise a total of 30 hours each semester, which corresponds to 16.7% of the total duration of the course (based on a standard 40-hour work week). The remaining time (83.3%) is available for developing a project for your doctoral thesis.

The Ph.D. program will provide you with comprehensive scientific training in your chosen research area and general scientific skills to prepare you for various academic, medical, industrial, and public scientific careers. The learning occurs through practical training at the workplace, courses, including lectures, seminars, journal clubs, propaedeutics, ASIC courses, thesis seminars, or study periods abroad. You work with your supervisor and the rest of the research team the entire time.

Towards the end of your studies, you will work on an independent research project that will be documented in a doctoral thesis and defended publicly. We’ve put together detailed information on the curriculum, including a study plan proposal, here for your consideration.

Eligibility Criteria :

  •  Master degree (or equivalent)

  • Very good English language skills (Language proof only at admission required)

  • Proof of full (3) Covid vaccination (required by law for all employees of any medical related institute in Austria)

  • For the application procedure, you must submit all diplomas and certificates in English or German. You may do the translation yourself for the application process. At admission you will need to provide us with an official translation of the documents.

How to apply

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