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FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship

FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship







Fully Funded


Feb 29, 2024

More details :

The FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship Program, sponsored by the Hungarian Government, presents a fully funded master's degree opportunity for eligible students from developing countries. This initiative aims to support postgraduate studies at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, offering two master's degree options in English: Master in Agricultural Water Management Engineering and Master in Biotechnology.

Eligibility :

Eligibility Requirements for the FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship Program

1. Citizenship: Applicants must be citizens of one of the eligible countries specified in the the source link.

2. Academic Excellence: Prospective students should demonstrate outstanding academic achievements.

3. Age Criteria: Preference will be given to applicants under the age of 30.

4. English Proficiency: Proficiency in English is mandatory as the courses will be conducted in English.

5. Motivation: Applicants should exhibit a strong motivation to pursue and excel in their chosen field of study.

6. Health Requirement: Candidates applying for the FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship 2024 must be in good health.

Required documents :

Required Documents for  FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship Application:

1.  Completed Application Form:  Applicants are required to thoroughly fill out the application form within the specified deadline.

2. Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV):  Submission of a recent resume or CV detailing the applicant's educational and professional background is mandatory.

3. Educational Credentials: Copies of the high school/university/college diploma and transcripts, or diploma results, must be provided.

4. English Proficiency Certificate: Applicants must furnish proof of English proficiency.

5. Passport Information: Submission of a copy of relevant passport pages displaying the passport number and expiration date is essential.

6. Letter of Recommendation: A letter of recommendation from the applicant is a requisite part of the application.

7. Statement of Motivation or Essay: Applicants must submit a well-articulated statement of motivation or essay specifically tailored for the program.

8. Health Certificate: A health certificate issued by a qualified medical professional is necessary for application.

9. Certificate of Good Conduct: A certificate of good conduct from the applicant, issued by a local police authority, must be provided.

10. Document Compilation: All supporting documents must be compiled into a single file in English. Only complete files, appropriately named, will be considered during the application process.

How to apply :

Application Procedure for FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship 2024-2025

The application process for the Hungarian government scholarship, facilitated by FAO for the academic year 2024-2025, is exclusively conducted online. To apply, candidates are required to complete an online application form and compile all necessary documents into a single file for submission via email to It is imperative that applicants meticulously fill out the form and include all the requisite documents. 

Applicants will undergo a screening process by FAO, and selected candidates may be further assessed through an oral or written examination. To ensure consideration, it is crucial that applicants submit their completed applications and accompanying documents well in advance of the deadline stipulated for the Hungarian Government Scholarship Program.

The Scholarship Benefits:

Benefits of the FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship

1. Full Financial Support: Selected applicants will have their application and tuition fees covered for the entire duration of their study period.

2. Educational Resources: The scholarship includes provision for basic books and notes, ensuring that students have the necessary academic materials.

3. Dormitory Accommodation: Successful candidates will be provided with dormitory accommodation, offering a conducive living and learning environment.

4. Living Expenses Coverage: The scholarship extends to cover living costs for the selected applicants, alleviating financial burdens associated with daily life.

5. Health Insurance Facility: Applicants will benefit from health insurance coverage, ensuring their well-being and access to necessary medical services.

6. Study Opportunity in Europe: The FAO Hungary Government Scholarship provides a unique opportunity for selected candidates to study tuition-free in Europe, fostering international academic exposure and cultural exchange.

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