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Hungary Government Scholarships

Hungary Government Scholarships







Fully Funded



Jan 15, 2024

More details :

The Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program was created by the Hungarian government to increase the global reach of Hungarian higher education and to draw exceptional international students from all corners of the globe. These students will not only receive a world-class education, but they will also develop personal and professional connections to Hungary while studying in the heart of Europe.

Eligibility :

The eligibility criteria for the Hungary Government Scholarship are as follows:

  1. Open to international students from any country.

  2. Strong academic background and genuine commitment to education are essential.

  3. Fulfillment of specified English language proficiency requirements is mandatory.

  4. Hungarian citizenship or dual citizenship is not permissible.

  5. Ineligibility applies to individuals falling under categories such as refugees, stateless persons, asylum seekers, migrants, or those not covered by Section 39(1a) of the Higher Education Act.

Required documents :

The required documents for submission include:

1. Completed online application form

2. Motivation letter

3. Proof of language proficiency, along with translations in the language of the chosen study program or Hungarian

4. School certificates and transcripts of records, along with their translations

5. Copy of identification document

6. Acceptance of statement for application in the online system

7. Medical certificate (mandatory only for applicants nominated by the sending partners)

How to apply :

The application process for this scholarship involves two key steps:

1.  Online Application Submission:

 - All applications must be submitted through the online application system provided by Tempus Public Foundation.

   - Upon registration, applicants gain access to the application system to upload the necessary documents.

2. Sponsor Contact and Nomination:

   - Subsequently, Hungarian higher education institutions will initiate contact with sponsors in the applicants' respective countries.

   - Sponsors will then nominate the final candidates.

3. Interview Process:

   - Nominated candidates will be invited for an interview.

   - Proficiency in the required language is crucial; failure to meet language requirements may result in the loss of the scholarship.

Note: We strongly recommend sponsors to prioritize nominees with international English test proficiency or administer an English test to ensure language competence. This precautionary measure aims to prevent the potential loss of scholarships for nominees lacking language proficiency.

The Scholarship Benefits:

The scholarship encompasses the following benefits:

- Full coverage of tuition fees

- Monthly stipend

- Accommodation

- Medical expenses

- Visa and residence permit

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